Thursday, 8 July 2010

A week of firsts ..... memory bubbles

Here we go with another first. Memory capsules. I used old ideaology packaging for these and filled them with things that remind me of London. Top left has little underground signs in them, below that I punched out shapes of old train tickets. Then there is a bubble filled with beads, ok not strictly London but I do go to the bead shop in London quite a bit. The one with the game spinner attached to it has watch parts in it, that's my Greenwich inspired one, and you can see the Greenwich Meridian goes all the way up the mirror in red stickles. The last bubble is filled with money. Behind the bubbles I stamped London scenes like the London eye etc. Add a few stamps, some grungeboard letters and an old penny, done!


  1. Fantastic idea! See, another reason not to throw anything away, this is really cool!

  2. Love this and the rest of your work too! I happened to stumble across your blog while I was looking through the Card Patterns blog. "Anikraft" caught my eye and I ended up here. I don't know about London, but here in Wisconsin there aren't many Anika's so it's always fun to "meet" another one! I'll definitely be back to check out your blog again!