Friday, 9 July 2010

A week of firsts ..... distress embossing powder, memory thread and swooshy inkiness

Hows that for a title, eh?!

So here is another crackle frame, but I did try out a few new things on it. The background for example is made by "swooshing" some card through ink and water, all mixed on a craft sheet. I wanted to create a blueish sky for the background and it worked ok, I don't think you can tell very well from the photo. I also spritzed some glimmer mist over it and stamped some branches and a birdy onto it.

Now for the distress embossing powder. I never got on well with this, i like the shiny glossy embossed finished more than this but have found that it works so well for rougher textures like the tree branch and cage. I have invested in a few more colours of the stuff and will be testing it out on other projects for sure.

In the tree there's some curly wurly memory thread, purely for pretty cuteness. I used this on everything I made this week, I just love the stuff. It was given to me as a present but I love it so much I ordered myself another 6 or 7 colours. There will be more projects full of memory thread in the future!!


  1. Looks awesome! Great colors!

  2. Fab, love how you have cut through the cage for bird to escape!