Thursday, 22 July 2010

Honey, I got beeswax all over the dining table.....

So I got the beeswax out again, on the dining table. Maybe not such a good idea.
Had this triangular box sitting here for ages and just got some Cherry Pie Arts stamps through the door and thought they'd be the perfect match. I stamped the skyline 3 times onto tissue and fixed it down with beeswax. Pretty much like the beeswax mirror (see previous post). I love playing with this stuff, though I think I used too much again on one side. Practise makes perfect I guess.

Since it's an England themed stamp set there was also this picture of the queen with it so it had to be used. Stamped, framed and glossy accented. Done.

I've been decorating so many boxes I'm running out of things to put in them.


  1. That tin is so cool Anika, those stamps were just perfect, really beautiful.

  2. This is super duper, great shape tin and i love how you wrapped the skyline around it :)

  3. Love what you did to the box.

  4. Stunning Anika, Ilove the vintage feel to it & so unusual in shape too!! I must learn how to use beeswax - fabby effect. Ann xx

  5. Love this! those stamps were so,perfect with this shape!