Monday, 12 July 2010

Tim Holtz Inspired Matchbox Swap (International) - join here

Finally I have sorted all the details for the matchbox swap.
So here goes:

First of all I have to let you know I am located in the UK just so you can
figure out postage costs to get things to me and receive your returns of course.

For this swap you will have to decorate TWO (or multiples thereof 4,6,8, etc you
get the idea) matchboxes inside and out with something Tim Holtz inspired.
Whether that's distress inks, stamps, idea-ology or paper stacks anything Tim is
allowed and of course you can combine it with other products too. As for the
matchboxes I am talking about the 32 count ones which are roughly 3.5cm x 5.3cm
x 1.5cm. That may vary from country to country but it is to give you an idea
what kinda size we are working with. If you can't obtain matchboxes in the
shops, there is also templates available online (just do a matchbox template
search in google).
I would suggest that you also mark your name/initials and maybe blog or email
address on the piece if you can, I am thinking the underneath of the drawer.

When you have made your matchboxes, please email me at
for my postal address and please also include your full name and address so I
can build a database of people taking part. The deadline for this swap is 31st
August, that's when your creations should have reached me by. I will the give it
a wee for late arrivals and the mail being slow and then get sorting and sending
out. It is a larger time frame as it is an international swap I want to give
everyone enough time to make things and post them with plenty of time.
It's your responsibility to ensure you have enough postage on your letter and of
course include a return envelope with the correct return postage. If you can't
get hold of UK stamps you can buy postage online and print it yourself (credit
card required) from
If that's not an option for you, there are other possibilities such as paypal
etc so please contact me and we sort something out!

If you need inspiration you can check out one of my recent posts and there will be more coming up.
There is also plenty of pictures on flickr and other websites so just have a
search and a browse.

That's all I can think of at the moment, if I have forgotten any detail do
contact me. It is my first organized swap so be gentle with me. Any questions?!
Just reply here or email me direct!!!

Now let's get making!!!
Anika xxx

PS: This swap is being organized with the ALL THINGS TIM Yahoo group, if you're not a member yet, do join us. Over on the group there is a photo album entitled Matchbox Swap 2010 - post your creations there. If you want the swap to be a surprise and not see any of the makes at all, then don't look at the folder until after you received your swap!

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