Sunday, 11 July 2010

A week of firsts ..... matchboxes

I remembered how much fun I used to have crafting with matchboxes when I was younger. I always used to stick things to them, like little cross stitches pieces and stuff. Or make matchbox drawers and advent calendars, I used to love it.
So I decided to alter these matchboxes I had lying around under the bed. I am also going to organize a matchbox swap with the ALL THINGS TIM group on yahoo. Details will be posted tomorrow so come back for that and join in, it'll be fun!

This is my favourite out of the three. I used some replica war memorabilia out of a pack I picked up at the transport museum a while ago. The stuff is fab, all old and vintage little cards, newspaper, leaflets etc. They have different themed packs, if you're ever in London, pop in and stock up. I'm lucky enough to work just across the road from there.
The map bits are leftovers from the mirror I did the other day and they came in handy for this. Also tried out the crackle accents for the first time but it didnt really crack much, only round the edges.

These two are a little random, but I was just working with what I could find around my desk at the time. And the numbers paper I just got in a paperstack I had won in a blogcandy.
Don't forget to check back tomorrow for the matchbox swap, I can tell you now it will be international and you will have to make 2 matchboxes. It'll be fun so join in!!!
See you then! Anika xxx


  1. These are great very vintage, I have been saving matchboxes waiting for inspiration - there's plenty here!!! Love them all


  2. These are nice.. i love altered matchboxes.. its such a shame you hadnt done these in in april Alter it monthly had a whole month dedicated to altered matchboxes... we would have loved to have tyou join us...