Friday, 2 July 2010

Rainbow mirror....

First of all I got to say that this idea was not mine, I saw it on someone's blog and fell in love with it so I just had to give it a go myself.

Check out the Artilicious blog here for the original idea.

Glenda is teaching this as a workshop so I can't post any instructions, it wouldn't be fair, but maybe you can work out your own way of making it. Unfortunately the white stamping in this picture doesn't show up much. But it's only my first attempt at this, I may have to make another one slightly differently. Must invest in more swirly stamps too I think. Any excuse to pop down to the stamp shop in town, eh?!

Have a fab day!

Anika xxx


  1. This is really beautiful, Anika. I love the rainbow colours, and the butterflies.

  2. The soft colors are just beautiful. What a nice job you did!