Thursday, 15 July 2010

Grungy Tim Holtz inspired bracelet....

I got into making jewellery last year and even attended an evening course, although a lot of the time I skipped class to stay at home and work on a scrapbook .... naughty!!

But having discovered the Tim Holtz type charms I can combine my papercrafting with jewellery.
I punched out S I S T E R S letters from the Lost and Found paperstack and also printed out some photos of me and my sister and added them on.

I adde a few dangly bits made from copper and brown beads.

It's really quite simple, and I like the grungy look of it. I may have to get some of the link chain from the idea-ology range, it would make it even better I think.
Just wish the type charms were cheaper, does anyone know of anything similar that I may use in the same way?! Could be smaller, I wouldn't mind that.
Or if you come across any bargain basement priced type charms, let me know!!!


  1. loving your take on this, i've made about 4 or 5 and non look the same, so many possibilities there awsome

  2. Really cool project! thanks for sharing:-)