Friday, 12 November 2010

Christmas decorations Part 1....... Candles

Still ajorly in christmas mood and eagerly counting down the days. I took a break from all my christmas cards and had a play with these candles for a change. I've had these sittig here for a while and noone is using them so I thought I may as well make them christmassy and then still noones going to use them, haha. At least they look pretty. I directly stamped onto the middle one, the others just have bands of paper and lace around them with stamped and cut out images and not to forget the 2 bells.

These two I stamped my images onto tissue first and then melted it into the candle with the heatgun.
If you have some candles hanging around that you don't use this be the perfect way to make them christmassy, they'd even make quick and festive presents.

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  1. Im sure we have all been a victim of buying Ikea candles so this is a great way of decorating them and giving as gifts!