Wednesday, 30 November 2011

Handmade wrapping paper

In one of my recent posts (Christmas tags) I was talking about how I'm wrapping and tagging all my Christmas pressies this year and I mentioned some wrapping paper I made. Well here it finally is, wrapped around a present for my mum. All I did was to print photos of my mum in 2 different sizes, cut them leaving a white edge around some of them so when it comes to sewing them they overlap slightly. And then I've jut sewn them with 3 different coloured threads. Sew them together randomly until you have a piece large enough to wrap your present. Takes a bit of time but it's very easy and looks pretty I think.

Here is a detailed view of the paper ribbons I used, I added a heart for some interest and that's it really.


  1. Great idea and it looks beautiful

  2. This is so cool!!! So, it's actually fabric or did you sew on paper?

  3. Awesome wrapping paper, this is such a great idea. Did you print the photos on 'normal' paper or did you used anything special for the printing?