Thursday, 1 December 2011

Alter it monthly - December Theme - CELESTIAL

So this is it, the last ever Alter it Monthly challenge. It's very sad to see the blog go, I used to enjoy taking part in the challenges myself until I then became a DT member to create monthly inspiration for all our readers. This month the theme is CELESTIAL.

I remembered these German paper stars we used to make when I was little. You start with 4 strips of paper and then it's a bit like origami, just fold til it looks like a star. It was fun getting back into it, so I made these 3 which are all made from 1cm wide strips, just in case you wanna have a go yourself (google FROEBELSTERN or GERMAN PAPER STAR). I dipped them in wax and decorated the frame with wax and stamped images too. The writing at the top is made from wire. It kinda just happened, I was sitting at the dining table with some wire and was wondering f I'd be able to "write" a word from wire. I asked my housemate to read it when it was done and it did pass the reading test. Phew.

Here is a closeup of the little bottles, one is filled with sand the other with glitter. In their own right they are both stardust. In fact I think everything is made from stardust.

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  1. I really adore this beautiful creation you have made. penny