Sunday, 20 November 2011

Jewellery Recycling

I've had these Mikey necklaces gathering dust for ages. I bought them years ago and never wore them. Do you know Mikey style necklaces? Very long and dangly and somehow just too heavy and big and not great at all. But when I found them the other day I just loved all the individual charms and different chains used in them and I thought I can make them better than what they are. So out of two necklaces I made four and a bracelet, I did add some of my own charms too.

The "Flower Necklace"
This is entirely made from Mikey parts. Chunky chain, big green flower and some other dangly bits.

The "Dangly Necklace"
Again this is completely made out of Mikey parts. I just gathered lots of charms to make into a big feature.

The "Wrap Around Bracelet"
This is also made up from Mikey parts. There are different style chains and some ready made beaded bits. I just connected them to make one long chain, added a lobster clasp and a charm. It wraps around nicely and looks so pretty with all the different bits. Probably my favourite out of the lot!

The "Owl Necklace"

I had lots of random leftover bits of chain I made into a long chain, added lots of my own charms including the big owl and a few leftover Mikey pieces and voila another pretty necklace.

I hope you feel inspired to recycle some unloved jewellery, especially with Christmas coming up it's nice to give something handmade. And as most of us really have to watch the pennies these days it is also a cheap way of making something special.

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  1. Never heard of Mikey necklaces but these are fab. I have loads of jewellery bits but don't think I could make anything as gorgeous as these! xx