Tuesday, 4 October 2011

The Craft Barn Calendar Challenge..... Week 4

Another week, another Craft Barn Calendar Challenge.
Most people in this challenge create a page each week and then have a calendar at the end of the 12 weeks. I thought about it but couldnt come up with a concept of how to make that calendar and have a page each month and also have all the pages in a style that they fit into one calendar. So I just make a whole calendar each week. I hope all my friends and family like calendars cause they will all be getting one for Christmas this year. Haha.

This week the theme is yellow and masking.
I used a strong card backing for this and sprayed with with various spray inks, then kept layering over it with more sprays using masks and stencils either sraying more colour or water for a ghosting technique.
This is in the same style as last weeks calendar with more sewing and splatters and all that. I used an image from Lisa's Altered Art Sheets and a little quote I stamped out on white card.


  1. I love this page, too. Very brilliant!

  2. Love what you have done and think that the sentiment is brill x

  3. I love the Background & the image.

  4. Hi there, Love this beautiful green page, it works so well, Gay xxx

  5. LOVE this calendar page!! beautiful work

  6. love this, (couldn't post a comment last time I visited your blog)love the different colors in the background