Friday, 7 October 2011

Abstract Canvas inspired by Dyan Reaveley

Sometime this summer (if you can call it that) I was browsing some blogs and one post stood out. It was Dyan Reaveley's blog post about a canvas class she tought. Here is the original post.
It inspired me so much that I wanted to try out my own large canvas. I had until then only stuck to smaller canvases and used photos and collage sheets to fill it out and I was a little scared of tackling the big white canvas.
But with the help of the post and loads of peeking at the student's canvases I worked out this canvas here.

I liked that one very much but thought I could have done some things a little better so I made a second one. So this is the new and improved version.

I won't give you any instructions as Dyan is teaching these as classes and I don't want to give away her secrets. If you're clever work out your own or maybe take part in one of her classes. My time off if very limited and as I'm always working weekends I can't get to as many workshops as I'd like otherwise I would have loved to go to this one.

As these were painted in the summer holidays my boyfriend's daughter was here too and she joined in as well. She is 13 and this is her canvas.... this one is a bit work in progress and not entirely finished but almost there.

Thanks to Dyan for letting me post these and for the inspiration.

Dyan's Blog


  1. Love your canvas, I am a fan of Dyan too but I live in Holland so a workshop with her is out of the question :=(
    Would love to know how you made these!!