Thursday, 30 September 2010

Sunday Stampers and more christmas cards

The Sunday Stampers theme this week is Black.... so I wanted to join in with my christmas card making and thought of how to make a black christmas card, it's not a very festive colour after all is it?

So I got my perfect pearls out cause gold is christmassy. And that's what I've come up with. I had to add some white in to give it a bit of contrast, I hope that's ok. I let Hels be the judge if it's worthy of the Sunday Stampers this week.

I also experimented with the same card design and made it up in a krafty coloured, distressed look. I do like them both actually.

And here is some more christmas cards...... yes, lots of christmas cards!!!
You can see I recently got the Wendy Vecchi christmas set and I am loving the tiny type background wishing you a merry christmas. It goes with everything!


  1. Dear Anika,

    I think the CAS cards are coming along fab - they work really well and less can be more. At Christmas you just can't do 1000 fiddly-diddlys unless you start in the summer and have no life. Nice work - really like the brown one with the text from Tuesday.



  2. love them all hun and thank you for joinin in with the Sunday Stamper... reminds me I need to get organised with my!!

  3. Beautiful cards, love them all :)
    Marinela x
    Short Poems

  4. ciao .... molto molto bella carta !