Tuesday, 7 September 2010

Back from my blogaholiday with my first ever twinchie.....

I seem to have taken a bit of a blogaholiday, didn't mean to but there was a severe lack of crafted things to blog about as I've been busy working on one of my stamper of the year items. It's now almost finished and I'm busy thinking up item number 2. Hard work that is. Anyone else out there taking part?
I have also (finally) started making xmas cards, about time!!! I'll be posting some designs soon.

I have also made my first ever twinchie this week. It's for the craft stamper twinchie swap and I combined it with the Compendium of curiosities challenge, grungepaper flowers! You may not be able to tell from the upside down photo on the left, but I embossed the grungepaper. Not bad for a first twinchie I reckon.

Also having a very busy two weeks at work with kids cast change happening so plenty of rehearsals, so not much time to craft. Well, I'm off to bed now! Nitey! xxx


  1. Actually, it's FABULOUS for a first twinchie! Fabulous, period, in fact. This is lovely, Anika, and I love the beautiful sentiment and gorgeous colors you used. I can see the embossing just fine when I enlarge the photo, and it really does look awesome! It's great to see you again, and good luck with your wonderful projects!

  2. Wonderful twinchie. I love your color combo!

  3. Hi Anika... just loving your twinchie... first time I tried them I was hooked. Such precious little pieces of art... and yours is wonderful. Love the splatter look of the ink on the canvas and the flower colors are awesome... have a beautiful day!!!

  4. OK....Twinchie????!!!? guess I'm gonna need to look into that one....anyways...Great job for your first one of these!!

  5. Great idea to do the flowers on a twinchie. Love the colours.


  6. A beautiful twinchi great idea have not made many I suspect they are as addictive as ATC's! lol