Wednesday, 1 September 2010

Stamper of the year ideas - to share or not to share ..... and more moleskine notebooks

I've not posted in days, maybe due to a lack of crafted things to show, although I did make a few. It's just one of those weeks I think. I'm 24/7 thinking about the stamper of the year competition and what to make and then I make things as a little test and they are just not right and then I have to start over again. Ahhhhhhh! Lucky I still got over a month!

On top of that work gets in the way of everything fun (as usual) and at the moment I seem to be glued to my computer looking at holidays and comparing hotels. Which isn't all that bad as I'll be going on holiday in October but it's so much hard work.

Anyways, so I've been playing with more moleskine notebooks again, stealing some ideas from my sister (after she stole the idea off me and I saw it in a magazine). It's just 3 decorated and stamped little notebooks, but it makes them look so much more attractive and I love the kraft colour as a plain canvas to play with.

They can also be found in my FOLKSY SHOP.
I have also made some other bits, but I'm unsure whether to share them or not as they are similar to what I'm planning to make for the competition, what is your thought on that? Are you worried about people stealing your ideas or not?!
Back to the desk to get on with some crafting!


  1. These are beautiful. As you say, just the added touch makes all the difference. Great idea!

  2. About your 2nd question, I think each person has their own style.

    But I guess if it's for a competition, you could always hold off sharing until afterwards.