Sunday, 31 July 2011

My first ever experience!!

So I have finally completed my first ever market. I have to say I was a bit scared but also excited beforehand. I just didn't know what to expect. Would my stall look ok, would everyone look more professional, would people be nice?

I have taken on a few tips from more experienced friends of mine and asked lots of questions and advice beforehand and it has paid off.

I got to the venue (Miller pub near London Bridge) at 10am and was shown my space straight away and started setting up. I did have some help from my boyfriend and his daughter and we all got to work straight away. pretty much did the table set up as I tried it at home on the dining table, a few things didnt want to stand up but everything found its place at the end and I was very pleased with it. My table looked colourful and busy with loads to discover.

I got chatting to some lovely people, picked up new ideas (and lots of business cards) and enjoyed a look around to see what everyone else had made, lots of amazing stalls!!

The loveliest suprise was my bloggy friend Kim Dellow of Crafty Makes popped by, we had not yet met in real life so it's was really lovely to meet her. She also took that picture of me.

As for sales, I did well. Much better than some of the stalls around me who had more larger items and didnt sell as much. I took on a tip from Zuzu who said to have smaller, cheaper items as people are more likely to pick up a little something for a £1 or £2. So I had bottle cap fridge magnets for sale. They are so much fun to make too.

I also sold this canvas I made last week for the Try it on Tuesday Challenge (sponsored by The Craft Barn).
Someone picked it up as a present for someone.

Overall it was a very positive experience and I would like to do it again but as these things always happen at weekends it makes it difficult for me cause I'm always working. But I hope to do more fairs like this, definitely.

For now I have to concentrate on my shop adventure. A local shop has offered to sell some things for me, which is amazing news, but I can see a lot of work coming my way. I better get making!!!


  1. Brilliant news!
    I am so happy for you! I am thinking to go at Christmas Market. And even it is months ahead I am already nervous. I would rather go to UK with my stuff :) I also think that Kim is amazing woman! Congrats on all of your achievements so far! hugs, kissinia

  2. Really glad your stall went well. It always gives you a feel good boost that people will buy your work.

  3. Congratulations - you did really well

  4. Saw your piccy on Kim's blog. Wow ! It looks just fabulous, well organised and full or lovely Arty makes. Beautiful canvas too! Well done Anika great job - enjoy some of the earnings...

  5. Sounds like you had a good experience. Love your canvas. thanks for joining us at Try it on Tuesday and have a lovely day. Angela

  6. It was fab to meet you Anika! Good luck with the shop outlet - here's to selling lots and lots :) Kim