Wednesday, 13 July 2011

A fantastic opportunity....

A great opportunity has come up for me recently and I've been meaning to share for a while but never got round to it.
Basically opposite where I live is a row of small shops and businesses, one of them being Studio 61 - a framing studio and art gallery. The gentleman who owns it has kindly agreed to display some of my work, my mirrors to be precise. Although it's not exactly what he normally exhibits (mainly his own photography) he liked my stuff and as I'm a local artist he wants to give it a go and see if my stuff may sell. So the past 3 weeks I've been busy working on some mirrors for him and I dropped them off today and now it's wait and see if people are interested.

This one here is my latest piece and my favourite at the moment, again I got really messy and painty with the background and the houses are stamped (Paperbag Studios) and coloured with my new favourite neocolor crayons (thanks to Kate Crane for the tip!!!).

Fingers crossed my mirrors sell and I may get to do more business with John. In the meantime I'll just enjoy getting messy, I have just stocked up on mirrors so I'm set for a few weeks!


  1. I am wishing you the very best with this opportunity! This project is just Fab!

  2. well if this one is anything to go by.. i expect success.. this is beautiful Anika...

  3. good luck!! you deserve to sell all your pieces, these are fabolous!

  4. What a great opportunity, Anika, wishing you all the best with it! I'm sure they'll sell like hot cakes, fabulous as they are! :) Loving this one, the 'messy' background is gorgeous!!
    I remember you mentioning that you bought the Kate Crane DVDs, how good are they, would you recommend getting them?

  5. Love the background on the mirror, I hope they sell as they deserve to.
    Helen S

  6. WOW, how exciting. Thanks for sharing!