Sunday, 8 August 2010

Stamps and craft crashcourse for my mum

Apologies for the lack of blogging in the past few days, my parents are visiting until Tuesday and since Thursday I've been trying to pass on all my crafty knowledge and the wonders of Tim Holtz, Wendy Vecchi and so on.
Easier said than done. But I think she has now worked her way through most of my magazines and we are working on a frame to learn some techniques. So many stamps and so little time!!!

I won't get my desk back next until next week so until then I'll have to keep all the ideas in my head, so many things I wanna make. Now that I'm stocked up on Ikea mirrors and frames I wanna get making.

In the meantime let me share this little Wendy inspired frame with you.

I promise there will be more new things to blog about next week and I will also sort out that other candy I was on about.
Tada! Anika x

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