Sunday, 21 August 2011

Zamak & Leather Jewellery

Today I'd like to share something a little different with you.

I have recently been inspired by some jewellery I saw whilst on holiday in Spain. It features these lovely, some quite chunky, silver coloured clasps and closures. Combined with leather cord and charms they just looked so lovely I had to try and come up with some myself.

It took a while to source the clasps and other metals parts, which are made from Zamak, a zinc alloy. It's non-allergenic which is great news if you suffer from skin allergies.

They are made in Spain and that's where I got mine from. Hours of fun trying to order from a Spanish website when you don't speak the language. But I got there in the end.

These are just a few examples of what I've been making in the past few days.

This one features little nuts in the bead design and makes a great male bracelet, I gave it to my boyfriend and he loves it. Already had some interest from other people too.

This one is certainly more girly. I have been using a fair bit of coloured leather.

I'll be showing more creations in the next week or so. Pop back if you like what you see. They will also be going on sale in my folksy shop soon!


  1. Hi Anika! Thanks for popping by my blog. These bracelets are fabulous! I'm good thanks, hope you are too xxx