Thursday, 25 March 2010

Day of discoveries.....

I went on a little discovery trip on the internet today, looking through so many blogs and getting even more ideas in my head (and still not enough time to try them all out). Found the Hero Arts Group on Flickr and added some cards and also entered their challenge, which I didn't know about before now. (Note to self: Must add link to there on my blog)
When I say I don't have any time to craft I mean it... just look at this...

Stamps, brandnew, untouched, in their packaging. And some of them I've had sitting here for over a week. And my head is full of ideas I think it might explode.
Just about to start the busiest part of my working week, working all day tomorrow, Saturday and then Sunday afternoon and out for dinner after that. That's 3 days without any ink on my fingers :(
Catch you later, I'm off to work.

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